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Hermione had been busy the last couple of weeks, but there was good reason for it. After Draco's parents had found out that they were dating (in an unfortunate way), Hermione couldn't get her own parents out of her mind. Or the situation that they were in because of her.

There had to be a way to return their memories, without damaging their minds. And despite reading book after book on such topics, there was not much for her to rely on. No true proven method of returning a Muggle's memories, once they were Obliviated.

Luckily, her boyfriend was very good at this type of research. So finally, Hermione had sent him a note, delivered by her Owl, explaining that she needed his help.
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Hermione is expecting two guests to show up to her cottage today. One, being her friend the good captain James T. Kirk. And the other, being one of his friends, that he had asked could come along to the Burrow when they honored their supper invitation.

And of course, Hermione said yes. The Burrow was a place where anyone was welcome, and anyone would be fed until they couldn't eat anymore.

She is waiting by the PINpoint portal that opens in her kitchen. Crookshanks is sitting on her shoulder, making a nuisance of himself as he watches the glowing blue light cautiously. He is doing his job, making sure no unwelcome guests arrive.
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Hermione was excited for the day ahead of her. It was finally time that she could bring Jim to Diagon Alley with her, so he could see a part of the Wizarding world. It had taken some time, since she had needed to talk to Minerva McGonagall and Arthur Weasley, and sign off a few scrolls to bring a Muggle to Diagon Alley. But Hermione had followed the letter of the Wizarding laws in these regards, so there was no worries on her end.

She had decided to open the PINpoint portal in her own home, a small cottage located in Wiltshire. After all, it was best that a portal wasn't open in Diagon Alley, where any wizard or witch could discover it, and try to gain access to the Nexus themselves.

Hermione send out a quick message to Jim, hoping that he was available.

Good morning! Feel up to exploring some of the magical world with me? Hermione
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Crookshanks had gotten bored of his witch visiting around with more and more people. He just wanted to go home. And so he had wandered off on his own.

However, no matter how brilliant he felt, the Nexus was a large place and very easy to get lost in. And he tried to retrace his steps, but that too failed to bring him back to where he had left Hermione.

He sat down to ponder his next option. And meowed softly... maybe Hermione would hear him? She was the one that got lost, after all.
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"You're lying, you filthy Mudblood, and I know it! You have been inside my vault at Gringotts! Tell the truth, tell the truth! What else did you take? What else have you got? Tell me the truth or, I swear, I shall run you through with this knife! What else did you take, what else? ANSWER ME! CRUCIO!"

The words of Bellatrix were the only things that Hermione heard right now. She, Harry and Ron were all able to escape Malfoy Manor. But the torture from Bellatrix on the young witch was something that she just couldn't escape.

Ron and Harry were so worried about her. But she just needed to escape. She just needed to not be there. So using her PINpoint, Hermione was soon in Atlantis. The one place she felt that Bellatrix could not find her. Where no other Death Eater could find her.

Even though she was not quite there... she still walked with purpose. Remembering the way from where her PINpoint opened, to the infirmary. A thin line along her throat was still red -- from where Bellatrix had firmly placed the knife against her. The word "mudblood" was carved into her arm, still fresh from that same knife.

Without a word, Hermione sat on one of the cots in the infirmary. She then curled into a little protective ball, and started sobbing uncontrollably.


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